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In the well-known sandbox game "Minecraft," players construct structures out of blocks and explore an online universe. There are two game modes�survival and creative�and you can play the multiplayer version either by yourself or with other players. Also, the game has been altered and customized by fans and outside developers to produce a number of variations and spin-off games.
These are a few of the Minecraft video games that can fall under this heading:
The action-adventure game "Minecraft: Dungeons" is set in the world of Minecraft. To gather treasure and advance their characters, players must fight through swarms of monsters and explore dungeons.
The narrative-driven video game "Minecraft: Story Mode" is set in the world of Minecraft. The game has voice acting and a pre-written scenario, and player decisions have an impact on how the story plays out.
In the augmented reality game "Minecraft Earth," players may use Minecraft bricks to construct buildings in the real world.
The "Minecraft: Education Edition" is a version of the game created with teachers and students in mind, complete with tools and resources.
The original version of Minecraft is called "Minecraft Classic," and you can play it for free via a web browser. It offers the same core Minecraft experience but with fewer features than the full edition.
The "Minecraft" game genre consists of a wide range of titles that provide various gameplay settings while retaining the essential exploration and construction aspects of the original game.

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