Term Of Use

On the website www.letscometoplay.com, you can play games, mark games as favorites, and view your recent game history.
To utilize everything our website has to offer, you must adhere to certain rules. These rules and other rights and responsibilities associated with letscometoplay.com are outlined below. Therefore, please read the following terms of service for letscometoplay.com carefully.

When the Terms of Service will apply.

The Terms of Service govern the relationship between letscometoplay.com and each User of the Website. This includes playing games in any case.
Everyone who enters into a contract with 1001spiele.de, as well as everyone who plays games on the Website, is a User. The User may be an individual or a legal entity.
These terms do not apply to websites operated by third parties. The Website contains links to the websites of third parties. If you have clicked on a link to a third-party website, it is evident that you have left www.letscometoplay.com. As soon as you leave www.letscometoplay.com, the third-party website's terms and conditions will apply. We therefore recommend that you read the terms and conditions carefully.
Clause 2: The formation of the agreement
As a User, your use of the Website constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions.

Clause 3: Conditions governing use of the Website
You must be at least 16 years old or have permission from your parents or legal guardian to use this website (hereinafter: Parents). This is also highlighted on the website. letscometoplay.com will therefore presume that all Users are at least 16 years old or are using the site with parental permission.
letscometoplay.com reserves the right to periodically update its software to enhance its functionality and correct any bugs.
You will refrain from unauthorized use of the Website and will adopt an attitude and behave in a manner consistent with what letscometoplay.com would expect from a User who uses the Website responsibly. This means that you are not permitted to use the Website for personal gain or to cause any harm to the Website.
If you continue to act in violation of these Terms of Service, letscometoplay.com reserves the right to refuse, remove, and deny / block your access to the Website and its facilities.
Fourth Article: Intellectual Property
The website features numerous games. The games on the letscometoplay.com website are copyright protected. These rights are typically held by letscometoplay.com or 1001spiele.de's suppliers. In the latter instance, we have authorization from the suppliers to post the games. In some instances, however, we have been unable to identify the copyright holder. If you are the legal owner of a game and have not consented to its distribution, you can always use our Notice & Takedown process (see also clause 10).
letscometoplay.com also provides deep links to games hosted on third-party sites. If you object to a direct link to your game, you may utilize our Notice and Takedown process.
You are only permitted to play the games on the website as a user.
One exception exists to the preceding rule. letscometoplay.com includes games developed by Admeen B.V. Under the following conditions, Admeen's games may be duplicated and republished: The copied games are published on a gaming website without any modifications or removal of logos. Admeen B.V. may revoke the aforementioned permission without providing a reason.
The Website's appearance and composition are also protected by intellectual property rights belonging to 1001spiele.de. You are not permitted to copy anything from 1001spiele.de without express permission.

Clause 5: Website Maintenance and Modifications
letscometoplay.com reserves the right to temporarily shut down the website or portions of the website for maintenance, upgrading, or improvement of the website and 1001spiele.de servers. letscometoplay.com shall never be liable for any damages incurred by you or any other User due to the unavailability of the Website or any portion thereof.

Clause 6. Liability
letscometoplay.com is not liable for any damages incurred by the User, nor for any consequential damages, loss of your profile and/or associated data, or immaterial damages.
Letscometoplay.com is not responsible for any damages incurred as a result of visiting third-party websites.
letscometoplay.com makes every effort to exclude inappropriate games and advertisements from the website. However, monitoring everything is impossible, and letscometoplay.com does not always have control over the advertisements. Therefore, letscometoplay.com disclaims any responsibility for any harm incurred as a result of the presence of such information. If you encounter such information, you may always contact 1001spiele.de. Please use the contact form for such correspondence.

Clause 7: Contract Duration and Termination
The duration of the agreement is indefinite.
The contract may be terminated without cause and justification by both letscometoplay.com and yourself. You may terminate the agreement by leaving the website. Following contract termination, the following clauses will remain in effect: - Clause 6. Liability
Article 7: Modifications to these Terms of Service letscometoplay.com reserves the right to modify or add to these Terms of Service at any time.
With due observance of a 30-day period following publication of the amendment on the website, amendments will also apply to contracts already concluded. Minor modifications are permitted at any time.
If you refuse to accept any modification to these Terms of Service, you may terminate the agreement prior to the date the new terms and conditions take effect.

Clause 8: Procedure for Notice and Takedown
letscometoplay.com employs a process by which owners of game copyrights and other users of the website can report information that, in their opinion, is unlawful or undesirable.
If a complaint is deemed valid by letscometoplay.com or its legal counsel, letscometoplay.com reserves the right to remove the content or render it inaccessible. letscometoplay.com may also provide your personal information to the person who reported you or to the appropriate authority if you have posted or appear to have posted the infringing content. letscometoplay.com will provide updates on the status of this procedure.
When it comes to potentially criminal information, letscometoplay.com will be able to notify the police. letscometoplay.com may provide all relevant information about you and other potentially relevant Users to the appropriate authorities and may perform any other acts that such authorities request of us in the course of their investigation.
In the event of repeated complaints regarding the information you have provided, letscometoplay.com reserves the right to terminate the Agreement and deny you access to the Site.
You will indemnify letscometoplay.com for any compensation claims resulting from the aforementioned. letscometoplay.com is not liable for any damage, regardless of its nature, that you suffer as a result of an intervention by letscometoplay.com within the complaints procedure, even if the complaint proves to be unjustified and the information is not in violation of Dutch law.

Clause 9. Final provisions
The agreement is subject to Dutch law.
So long as the applicable rules of mandatory law do not provide otherwise, all potential contract-related disputes will be submitted to the competent Dutch court in Zwolle.
Limited invalidity: In the event that a provision of the contract and/or the Terms of Service is determined to be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract/Terms of Service.
Parties to the agreement will adopt (a) new provision (s) to replace the provision(s) being replaced, which will, to the extent possible, have a similar effect.

letscometoplay.com is a gaming website that provides users with an opportunity to play various online games for free. The website was established with the mission of offering a platform where users can enjoy a wide range of games without the need to pay any fee. The website has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for users to navigate and find their favorite games. At letscometoplay.com, we offer a variety of games from different categories, such as action, adventure, puzzle, sports, and more. Our games are designed to cater to the preferences of all types of players, from casual gamers to hardcore enthusiasts. We have games that are suitable for kids, as well as games that are challenging and engaging for adults. One of our most popular games is "Slope," a fast-paced game where players control a ball that rolls down a 3D slope while avoiding obstacles and collecting coins. The game requires quick reflexes and sharp hand-eye coordination, making it a challenging and exciting game to play.