Kurofune Samurai

Kurofune Samurai

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Kurofune Samurai is a free third-person action samurai game set in 19th-century Japan. The story is about a samurai who is called to help by the people of an oppressed village. His goal is to take the rights of the people from the oppressive ruler and fight with the ruler's guards and ninjas .

The people of Shizukana had a good life. The lord who ruled over them acted justly. One day a delegation from the American government asked for a trade agreement with the lord of the region, but he refused. The Americans equipped the lord's brother Akumo and incited his brother against him. With the help of American military weapons, he won and ruled Shizukana. Akumo was a stubborn and violent man, and his oppression of the people of Shizukana gradually increased. He had enslaved the people and anyone who could not provide the required product was severely and cruelly punished. Exhausted, the people decide to ask an old samurai for help. After hearing about the oppression, the samurai agreed to help and set out to investigate and rescue the villagers.
Left mouse button - Attack, Scroll wheel - Secondary attack, Right mouse button - Lock on target, WASD keys - Movement, E - Block, Q - Roll, P - Pause, SHIFT - Run

3D Action Adventure HTML5 WebGL



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