Assault on the Evil Star

Assault on the Evil Star

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In the twenty-second century, advanced technology has made life possible on planets across the galaxy. There are many constructions on different planets and many people live on other planets. All humans live under the nationwide empire of a king named Dara.
The protection of the people is done by a special army called immortals, who have been genetically modified into superhumans and have much higher power than ordinary people. Their wounds will heal on their own. The emperor has a queen named Esther, who has created many organizations on different planets using her political position.

One day, a special force of immortals is called to Queen Esther. He has done the most difficult missions so far. The queen orders him to go to one of her facilities on a planet where experiments are going out of control. He must rescue and bring the project manager from there.
Mouse - Shooting, WASD keys - Movement, Spacebar - Jump, R - Reload, SHIFT - Sprint, Q - Roll, ESC - Pause

Action 3D Shooter Adventure HTML5 WebGL


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